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Mitch & Brian have negotiated, represented, and brokered hundreds of properties throughout Northern California. Their clients include homeowners and buyers across several Bay Area Counties: San Mateo/ Santa Clara, San Francisco, Marin, Sonoma, Napa, Solano, Alameda, Contra Costa & Monterey/Carmel.

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Expert Negotiation and Representation: Our experienced team at Navigate Principals is skilled in negotiating on behalf of our clients, ensuring that their interests are protected and that they receive the best possible outcomes in real estate transactions. We provide dedicated representation to guide you through the process with confidence.

Extensive Market Knowledge: With our in-depth understanding of the Northern California real estate market, including the various Bay Area counties, we can provide valuable insights and strategic guidance. Whether you are a homeowner looking to sell or a buyer searching for your dream home, we can help you make informed decisions and navigate the complexities of the local market.

Evaluating large and diverse portfolios

We have the expertise to assess and analyze extensive portfolios, considering various properties and investment opportunities to help clients make informed decisions and maximize their real estate investments.

Performing single-property analysis

Our team conducts thorough evaluations of individual properties, providing in-depth assessments to help clients understand the potential value, risks, and investment opportunities associated with a specific real estate asset.


Real Estate Due Diligence

We provide thorough investigations for informed real estate transactions.


We streamline real estate portfolios for maximum returns and growth.

Real Estate Market Studies

We provide insightful analysis of the real estate market, empowering clients with valuable information to make informed decisions and capitalize on market trends.


Our expertise in lease advisory services helps clients navigate lease agreements, providing strategic advice and guidance to optimize lease terms and maximize the value of their real estate assets.

Real Estate Valuation Services

Our specialized valuation services deliver accurate and reliable assessments of property values, enabling clients to make informed decisions based on a comprehensive understanding of their real estate assets' worth.

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What Our Clients Say


"Exceptional Guidance and Patience: A Seamless Home Buying Experience with Mitch & Navigate!"

I loved working with Mitch during every aspect of our home purchase process. Not only was he extremely friendly to work with, but since it was our first home purchase, he was also extremely patient. We must have looked at dozens of homes until we found “the one.” And when we did, his guidance on price and loans was beyond helpful. Highly recommend working with Mitch & Navigate!

Christen K, San Mateo

"Exemplary Service and Diligence: Mitch Rappaport - Your Top Choice for Listing Broker!"

“If you are looking for a personable, hardworking, and diligent Listing Broker, Mitch Rappaport is your guy”.

Roger H, Los Gatos

"Experienced, Trustworthy, and Results-Driven: Mitch and Navigate Agents Deliver Outstanding Real Estate Services!"

Mitch and his Navigate agents are true professionals with an expert understanding of the market. Mitch has the rare skill of being able to navigate a complex deal with great integrity while keeping his clients needs as his first priority and getting the deal done on time with great results! Our home was ready to go “live” on the MLS in less than 3 weeks. I would refer him to any of my friends or colleagues.

Ryan W , San Francisco & San Jose

"Enduring Dedication and Unparalleled Quality: Mitch's Commitment to Your Home Buying Journey!"

“We worked with Mitch for 6 years until we finally recently purchased a house! Mitch stuck with us through two children, 4 jobs, and multiple offers. We couldn’t be happier with either the house or the process. Quality, quality, quality, all the way”.

Jeff & Julie G, Mid Peninsula & San Jose

"Unwavering Resourcefulness and Success: Endorsing Mitch's Expertise in Real Estate Challenges!"

I am happy to endorse him in any/all real estate challenges he undertakes – as he is highly resourceful, a skilled negotiator, and personable. My regard for Mitch is such that I have hired him to represent the financial interests of me and my family in selling and acquiring property here in the Bay Area. He negotiated extremely well on our behalf and got a complex transaction completed within a very tight time constraint. Navigate’s custom solutions to meet client challenges are why their clients are so successful!

Michael K, Silicon Valley

"Reliable Partners in Short-Sale Success: Mitch and Brian - Your Trusted Guides Throughout the Process!"

Mitch and Brian of Navigate were great to work with. They walked us through the entire process of the short-sale of our house. They handled all communication with our lender and the entire process took less than half the time of what I expected. I felt really comfortable with them and knew that they understood that this was a scary process for me and their trustworthiness and patience in explaining every step to me really helped me put my mind at ease. They were also flexible and addressed my concerns whenever they arose. I would not even have known where to start, if I had to go through this without their help.

Markus B, Napa, CA

"Composure, Perseverance, and Results: Thank You, Brian Pensack, for Exceptional Home Selling Assistance!"

I just want to say,” Great Job and Thank you”, to Brian Pensack for helping us sell our home. Brian remained composed and persevered throughout this process that lasted for several months and several potential buyers. He was very instrumental in obtaining a fair deal with Wachovia and produced results as promised.

We will be recommending Brian and his Team to assist our friends and family in the future. Thanks Brian!

J.S. Parker, SouthBay

"Compassionate Support and Financial Relief: Helping You Overcome Real Estate Challenges with Care."

After two valiant attempts to sell my home over a five-year period, I found myself in a desperate situation. I had invested every dollar I could tap to make the house sell-able to no avail. Even though my husband and I had expected the house to be a profitable investment when we made the purchase in 2001, it was clear that was not to be. He died in 2006 after a very brief illness. I found myself with all of our financial obligations but 65% less income. I struggled for five years to make the payments and pay for improvements in hopes of selling the property.

Anne, Sonoma County, CA

"Seamless Investments and Trustworthy Guidance: Brian and Navigate Deliver Stress-Free Real Estate Ventures!"

A few months ago, I invested a 50% equity share in a home with Brian and Navigate. The transaction went extremely smoothly and was stress free. Brian kept me well informed every step of the way, with timely updates on how the renovation was going, through the marketing of the home, to the final sale and close of escrow. He carefully explained how various documents needed to be filled out and where to send them. He earned my trust with his competence, honesty, and helpfulness. I will gladly invest with Brian again!

Drew S, San Francisco

"Rescuing Deals and Negotiating Success: Brian's Expertise in Saving Properties from Foreclosure!"

Brian and I have worked and are currently on several deals together. Our first deal was a Short Sale that I had started the traditional way and as so often happens, somehow the paperwork and file was lost in the follow up. We have a buyer and the house was set to go to auction. I gave Brian all the paperwork and within days, he had stopped the house from going to the foreclosure sale, and was negotiating with Bank of America. At the last minute, he found this house had a second loan for almost $140,000 and was able to negotiate it down for only $3,000.

Marco R, Prudential California Realty